Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hazard Kicks Ballboy

If you are going to kick a ball-boy in the ribs, it might be better to do it when the TV camera's are not on you.
I look forward to a Chelsea public relations onslaught now and the ball-boy being pictured with Frank Lampard holding a Chelsea shirt.  


Cheezy said...

Since the one and only job of a ball-boy is to retrieve the ball for the benefit of the players as quickly as possible - and by deliberately lying on the ball and preventing this from happening the boy was doing the exact opposite of what his job was - I would have thought that a little poke in the ribs with someone's boot was the very least that he deserved.

And I'm talking as someone who hates Chelsea and all they stand for...

Other relevant points:
-The 'boy' was quite a large 17 year old!... (I wonder if he has a paper round too...)
-He’s also Welsh.
-Despite his embarrassing rolling around, he wasn’t actually hurt.
-Before the match, he boasted on Twitter: "The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance £needed £for £timewasting".

In conclusion then, he’s a prat. And the ref was another prat for thinking the incident justified sending Hazard off.

I’m still very glad Chelsea lost though! Swansea v Bradford in the final! Hoodathunk that?

Lucy said...

The way it was described on the radio it made it sound as if Hazard had pushed him over and then booted him so the reality was not quite like i imagined although he shouldn't have been grappling with the lad. I do expect the FA will want to be seen to do something though.
Nice to see Swansea and Bradford in the final, nice change to see some of the other teams get a chance.

Cheezy said...

I thought exactly the same as you. I woke up and heard the story on the radio and though 'This sounds juicy! I can't wait to see this'... but, when I did, it was all a bit of an anti-climax... and worse, an anti-climax that wasn't even the Chelscum player's fault!

Anne said...

Aloha... Long time!