Friday, 25 January 2013

Go Go Ho-Gan

There may be a well known saying that goes 'No Sex please, we're British', but it turns out that not only are we not doing it but we are not watching other people do it either.
A report which analysed the traffic data of the Internets best know pornographic videos site shows that of the 4,851,384,493 visits worldwide in 2012, only five percent of those (248,211,766) came from the UK.
The country that viewed the most was USA, then Germany, France and Italy then the British and Canadians but the cities where the most viewers came from are all European, Milan, Rome, Paris, London and Berlin, Athens and then Munich.
But who were those 4 billion fans of porn searching for, you ask?
The names that were entered the most into the sites search facility were Kim Kardashian, Sara Tommasi, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Megan Fox and Hulk Hogan. Yep, that's Hulk Hogan.
The average time spent on the site was 10:22 minutes but the British were the quickest to lose interest, spending only an average of 7:51 minutes per visit and Americans were the most attentive, spending an average 24 mins per visit studying the material.
So what can we abstract from this information apart from the fact that if you ever go to Milan or Rome you should give the keyboard a good wipe before you use it?
Hopefully a sense of outrage that this kind of thing is available on the Internet at all and there should be laws introduced that ban such things that nobody should have to see. I mean, Hulk Hogan, it's outrageous and enough to put anyone off their stroke! At the very least someone should hide his web cam.


Anonymous said...

why do people need porn?


Lucy said...

Whatever the reasons it appears that Americans need it for longer and Europeans more often. I suspect the reasons may be many depending on the age group and relationship status of the viewer.