Friday, 18 January 2013

Can I Hear British War Drums Again?

David Cameron said: 'Those who believe that there is a terrorist, extremist Al-Qaida problem in parts of north Africa, but that it is a problem for those places and we can somehow back off and ignore it, are profoundly wrong.'
He also said: 'This is a problem for those places and for us' and finished by saying that it was time to 'thicken UK involvement in the area' due to the 'terrorist threat from a group of extremists based in different parts of the world who want to do the biggest possible amount of damage to our interests and way of life'.
The last time we heard a Prime Minister speaking like this it ended with our troops in Afghanistan and the fear is, with a Libyan conflict under his belt, David Cameron has a taste for it and is setting out the case for another British military adventure in Africa.
The all to common sound of the British War drum being beaten could once again be echoing again soon.


Nog said...

What does Cameron mean by "thicken UK involvement?"

david g said...

Nog, THICKS are minions of the Oligarchs and politicians. They do as they are told without question.

There are many of them in Britain and France but most of them can be found in the USA where high concentrations per capita are not uncommon!

Whenever you want unthinking supporters, the THICKS are the people you can rely upon.

Religious leaders and politicians and corporations love THICKS!

That is what Cameron meant.

P.S. Lucy, even with a strong magnifying glass I couldn't read the number. You need a better system, one that is user friendly!

Anonymous said...

I fear what he means by thickening our involvement is to keep our military busy by handing them directions to Mali. I may be wrong but I can't interpret it any other way.

I don't have a say on the system david, its a blogger thing and is just there but I have a problem reading it most times also.

Anonymous said...

Finally something we can all agree on - the anti robot test sucks


Lucy said...

It does suck but it just turned up here one day and i have been stuck with it ever since. Is there a way to turn it off? Judging by some of the comments here on the magic spell post that i keep deleting the spammers are still getting on here anyway so its just a pain for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I think google imposed it on all blogs in their network


Cheezy said...

David's got a great point, as usual. Whenever I'm tempted to wish peace and happiness upon my fellow man, and hope against hope that some of the more benighted parts of the globe attain enlightenment, wisdom and prosperity in their governance, I just have to remember what country I'm from and I'm immediately seized by an almost uncontrollable urge to kill... kill... KILL I TELL YOU!!!!