Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bristol Channel Wind Farm

The people of South Wales and North Devon have got the hump because the Bristol Channel is soon to take arrival of 240 shiny new wind turbines to generate enough power for 900,000 homes.
The campaign against the project says it will be 'environmentally catastrophic' and 'people don't come here to see the landscape and the horizon covered in wind turbines. They come here for peace, tranquility, rural settings and seascapes'.
Fair enough, how about building a coal powered station pumping out thousands of tonnes of pollution all over your rural setting?
Not keen on that so perhaps a nuclear power station and the pollution that comes with that which lasts for thousands of years and causes cancerous diseases.
Failing that we could always build a massive fracking farm and keep your fingers crossed that you are outside in the rural tranquil setting when the inevitable earthquakes come and you will be okay as long as you don't drink the chemical laced water.
The non-polluting, non-cancerous and non-earth shattering wind farms maybe not sounding quite so bad now i guess. 


Anonymous said...


you are wrong this time.

hundreds of thousands of birds are killed by wind turbines in the USA. especially the raptors and many endangered species (you know one of them might have the cure to all human disease in their dna?).

one result is more varmints.

people also complain about the noise pollution.


Anonymous said...

oh and in the USA they had to run power lines all over the place to get the energy to the main line power grids. took land from folks, made the hills ugly, change the desert landscape... yikes.


Lucy said...

Of the choices though, would you prefer a nuclear power station, fracking farm, coal powered station or wind turbine in your neighbourhood? Three will have detrimental effects on your health, one won't.

Anonymous said...

Coal or oil please