Monday, 24 June 2013

Run Snowden Run

Hong Kong flicked America the finger and then Russia and China told it where to go and meanwhile Edward Snowden sneaked further away from the cell beside Bradley Manning.
I'm hoping that soon we will be seeing pictures of Snowdon waving to the cameras from the tarmac of a runway somewhere in Ecuador or Cuba but hopefully the whole Hong Kong to Moscow thing has been a diversion and he's already safe somewhere else.
A for John Kerry sending a threatening warning to China and Russia warning of consequences if they help Snowden escape the punishment the US reserves for speaking out on the evils America does, what are they going to do? Invasion, drone strikes, Putin and Xi Jinping in Guantanamo? After being exposed as engaging in spying on all and sundry, John Kerry really thinks he can make demands of China and Russia?
Obama is possibly finding out that after Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, PRISM, extraordinary rendition, drone attacks and Guantanamo Bay, their clout doesn't run as far as it used to.
You know you are in trouble when most are the World are on the side of Russia, China, Cuba and Ecuador. Keep going Edward and look forward to a Cuba Libre and cigar with the Castro's on the terrace of the Presidential Palace in Havana.


david g said...

I agree with your sentiments in this article, Lucy.

It's time the U.S. was put in its place and had its war crimes exposed.

Its threatening of China and Russia is both infantile and deranged.

Its arrogance and posturing is sickening and dangerous.

Lucy said...

Would be interesting to see what the tone would be if this wasn't China and Russia david.

Anonymous said...


Cuban climate works for me. no cold. lots of rain. of course, there is more to living than the climate...


Lucy said...

The rain i would like but it seems hot and humid and that isn't any good for me. China i wouldn't eat the food and i don't know the first thing about about Ecuador but it looks hot there so no good either.