Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dog Meat Festival

Did you have chicken with your dinner tonight? Beef maybe or a rasher of bacon possibly? Maybe even a bit of dog was on the plate? Dog!!!
Seems that we draw the line at eating dog which is why we are ranting about the annual dog-meat festival that takes place in China this weekend where as many as 10,000 pooches are turned into dog-meat hotpot and served with lychees and grain liquor.
Somehow, killing a dog and eating it is more shocking than what happens on a daily basis to millions of other animals around the world.
If you eat meat than there is no basis to treat dogs any differently than any other animal that is slaughtered for its meat.
If it bothers you that much, go vegetarian otherwise shut up and stuff another horse meat burger into your gob and let the Chinese tuck into their Rover sandwich.

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