Friday, 28 June 2013

Not Reading The Guardian

Those limey pinkos at the Guardian newspaper can't really be surprised. Not only did they publish all the Wikileaks secrets a while ago but now they have been spilling Edward Snowden's beans on the US PRISM spying program so in retaliation the US army has blocked access to the Guardian website for its personnel across the country to preserve 'network hygiene'.
Looking at the Guardian newspaper they are missing out on such limey news as Prince Charles funding falls by 50%, David Cameron is off on a jaunt to Kazakhstan and how the NSA collected US email records in bulk for the past two years under Barack Obama.
Can see why that would be embarrassing so the best way to maintain the land of the free is by denying freedom of the peoplecharged with maintaining their freedom from reading about how their Government is denying their freedom. Or something along those lines.
In my dictionary a tyrannical government is described as 'a Government that uses arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; abuse of authority, an oppressive or unjustly severe government'. Hard to argue that Obama and his pals are not abusing their authority by secretly going through your emails, photographs, e-mails, mobile calls and texts.
Obama better hope that the NRA and the second amenders don't get their collective brain cells excited and decide that the bit about everyone being armed to the teeth as 'necessary to the security of a free State' has come to pass because he could be in a bit of trouble with the well regulated militia that has decided they are not as free as they thought.
If it does happen, us limeys will read about it first as your internet will be blocked.


Anonymous said...

Most NRA members are law abiding. I expect you were joking but I just want to say what I said when I said it the way I do when I do the things I do.

Also most NRA members and probably most Americans just want the government to keep their noses out of our lives and even tolerate the gov taking 30% of our income...


Lucy said...

It was a lazy nod towards your comment about the 2nd amendment on another post about the Government spying.

An aside, i have looked up the second amendment so many times (usually in debates with you) i almost knew it off by heart, just got the last bit around the wrong way. How scary is that! Do i qualify for a Kalashnikov now?

Anonymous said...


Bearing arms in America is a right! Of course, rights can be rescinded... Everyone sane and innocent of a felony is qualified!