Monday, 24 June 2013

Watching You Watching Me

There is a lot of stuff on this blog, over 1650 posts with a bit of this and that but mostly me moaning and bitching about the sort of things that Governments don't like us bitching and moaning about like dodgy war in the Middle East and how capitalism sucks, what a con Democracy is and how corrupt our Governments are.
Yep, there is quite a bit of that like the fact that Britain has the most CCTV cameras anywhere in the World, 4.2million of them watching us which equates to one per every 14 people.
Of course sitting in your home you are safe from the prying eyes of the cameras up on the roofs, fixed to walls and halfway up lampposts.
Then we found out that the US and UK Governments are listening to all your telephone calls, reading your emails and texts and checking your facebook and twitter pages and logging all your internet activity so you are not even out of range of Big Brother in your home.
Why, we must wonder, is the Government so interested in little old us? Why are we the most closely monitored nation in the World, even more than places like China and North Korea who we like to think of 'authoritive' regimes that keep their own people on a tight leash?
We baulked at the idea of ID cards and a NHS database because we would be giving too much information away but they had it all anyway but this is different, this is all in the name of fighting terrorism. GCHQ need to know that your telephone call to Granny wasn't actually a call to an arms dealer to bid for a sniper rifle and if it really was just a call to make sure Granny didn't need any bread picking up on the way home, you have nothing to fear from the people we voted in to represent us. Still, no harm they check your emails and texts just to make sure though because we can't be too careful these days.
My point is that somewhere there is a list of people who have said less than flattering things about David Cameron, Barack Obama or any of the American or British Governments and as i have said many unflattering things, i wouldn't be surprised if FOAB has a small box ticked against it's name which of course means that your internet log will show you have been here which will get a small trick beside your name also.
Rather annoying if you stumbled across this blog just trying to find out how to ease a bruise (ice pack the affected area, wrap in a bandage and elevate above level of the heart to minimise blood flow apparently) but there you go, you are on a list somewhere along with a tick for that time you took that Michael Moore book out of your local library and another one for when you emailed your pal saying George Osborne was a massive dick for slashing your nan's cold weather payment.
You are, i'm afraid, embroiled in the war on terror and a file has been opened with your name on it just by virtue of PRISM and GCHQ clocking you reading this blog so i'm sorry about that.
Probably best you don't linger and you move slowly away to another website. That's it, click the homepage icon on the top of your browser but be careful as they will be interested to see where you go next, another left wing blog and that's another page in your file so better be safe and Google something like one of the Main Stream Media pages. Not Fox News or The Sun website though, you don't want them to think you are an idiot.   
Okay, good luck, i hope you may have got away with it but to be honest if you got down this far then i'm afraid it's too late for you anyway, Obama and Cameron already know you where here.
Better arrange those mass demonstrations against our over authoritative Governments by snail mail from now on.


GCHQ said...

We have you library book list.

Anonymous said...


cameras are going to increase. they will be as omni-present at energy. and, they are web enabled which means they are monitored and the data analyzed.

some city in mexico with over a million people has iris scanning cameras to scan your eyes all over the city and they also have the iris scans of all their citizens (got the kids in school and the adults in the government offices). they track the citizens and also the people whose eyes they don't recognize.

my recommendation is - be good.


PS - are you sure the U.S. 2nd amendment is obsolete?

Lucy said...

You would have thought with so many cameras around crime would plummet, if that was the case you could make a decent argument for them but it doesn't seem to be happening judging by the amounts of police appeal for witnesses.