Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mission Accomplished For Taliban

As the Helicopters were hastily taking off from the Embassy roof in Saigon as the compound was being attacked by the North Vietnamese, Nixon was speaking of 'peace with honour' and although the helicopters are not landing on the roof of any Embassies in Kabul just yet, they are hovering close by.
After 12 years, 3500 dead coalition soldiers and countless tens of thousands of dead afghans, the US is to open 'peace and reconciliation' talks with Taliban leaders within days after Washington agreed to drop a series of preconditions that have previously held back negotiations over the future of Afghanistan.
A Taliban spokesman said the group was opening the Doha office to 'reach understanding and initiate talks to support a peaceful, political solution to end the occupation of Afghanistan'.
The obvious question is what took them so long? Why didn't they try this approach before and saved the monumental waste of lives on all sides?
The second question is after everything that has happened, they are just going to hand Afghanistan back to the Taliban the same people whose oppressive rule we were liberating the Afghans from all those years ago?
It seems to be a common theme that we go into a country, bomb them to heaven and back and leave when things turn worse then when we started.
As for the young girls and women of that wretched country, it's back to the dark ages for them as the US and UK war wagon rolls on.
The saddest fact of all is that George W Bush told the Taliban that they could stay in Government if they offered up Bin Laden before the first missile was even fired but when they offered to do that, the US declined and war was unleashed.
The war has led us to where we are today with the Americans pulling out to leave the Taliban running Afghanistan.
As we crawl away with our tail between our legs to leave the Afghan s to their fate, maybe we will have better luck in Syria, we are on the same side as Al Queada this time.


david g said...

Yeah, Lucy, what more did you expect of the World's self-proclaimed Superpower?

When you're exceptional and you have the world's biggest army you can go around the world fucking everything up for everyone else and people look the other way.

Americans couldn't run a chicken raffle and, these days, neither could the sycophantic British.

The result in Afghanistan and Iraq are testament to America's ignorance and stupidity. They think that slaughtering innocent people is the key to peace.

They still live in the days of the Wild West and slavery!

Anonymous said...


i suppose we could nuke the whole country and then leave as victors. whadaya think?


Lucy said...

I think if you (and UK) stopped blowing up Middle East countries for iffy reasons, the World would be a better place.