Sunday, 9 June 2013

I'm A Lazy Blogger

When it comes to Blogging, i am particularly lazy when it comes to attracting new readers. Call it arrogant but i go along the lines of people will find me if they want to read what i say and my stat counter seems to tick along at around an average of 100 views a day.
It really doesn't reflect well on me that i have been here spouting my words of wisdom for years and my readership in mid 2013 is still where it was in mid 2009 and i don't have a problem with that, i am eternally grateful that there are 100 people who find this blog interesting enough to come back to but it does make me wonder why the figures have stagnated.
I did take a big hit when Blogburst closed and accepted the invitation to write posts for International Business Times which turned out to be a waste of time but the most probable cause is the blog content. It has been mentioned previously that the blog is a hotchpotch of everything so it isn't a political or current affairs blog but has a bit of everything from
astronomy to sports to music so it is hard to categorise. A sports fan who would read a post about the Premier League transfer deadline may come back next time to see a piece about Marxism which would be confusing.
I did think about splitting the blog into several smaller blogs but that seemed quite a daunting prospect so left it as it was.
I also considered sticking to one subject but i would have soon bored of that restriction, i like writing about anything and everything that puts a bee in my bonnet.
I will admit that i blatantly ignored my blogroll and i did once have a long list of bloggers that i visited at first but as bloggers left, i never went looking for anymore to replace them. My Google reader has about 5 active bloggers on it where it once had 30.    
Not being on Facebook or Twitter is another failing, i tried it but found the idea of writing the same thing 3 times tedious, i'd much rather spend the time writing something else than editing the original post down to fit on Facebook or Twitter.
I know i am going to have to launch myself on a round of blog visiting to refill my blogroll and be more active (Daniel, i still can't comment at your blog) if i want to increase readership but then i refer you back to my opening sentence.
Any suggestions welcome.


Annie said...

Still here. Glad that you are too.

Anonymous said...

there are different degrees of lazy,

1. pushes growth of blog (least lazy)
2. blogs regularly
3. blogs periodically
4. comments regularly
5. comments occasionally
6. reads regularly (but who can tell)
7. reads occasionally (again, how does anybody know)
8. comments a lot but always the same stupid message (laziest)


Cheezy said...

Lucy: Well done on still fighting the good fight. I think that not losing any readers since 2009 qualifies as a substantial success!

Q: Your #8 strikes a chord with me... can't think why ;)