Thursday, 9 October 2014

ET And Religion

For centuries the domain of the church has been chipped away at. Science has challenged the events of the Bible that religion has had to adjust itself to survive and although it isn't on its last legs yet, it is very much irrelevant to many.
At some point in the future we will discover life on other planets, or it will discover us, and that may be the moment where the death knell sounds for religion. It may have rode out the Copernicus and Darwin storms but ET's could be the step too far and finally the scales fall from so many eyes for those of the opinion that God's sole intent was to create people in his image here on Earth.
With advances in telescopes, space exploration and the discovery of even more exoplanets which could sustain life, it is only a matter of time before we find evidence of life elsewhere which should prove uncomfortable for the God squad.
The likely answer would be the religious leaders would 'find' the answer written in their holy texts somewhere, much in the way that fossils and dinosaurs are clumsily dealt with but if the other life is intelligent enough to have its own theories how how and why they are there, it could get interesting.
The human way we have dealt with people of a different faith throughout history has been to try and either convert them or wipe them out so we had better hope that aliens have evolved past the theological point we find ourselves today when the contact comes because things could get very bumpy.
Science has done its best to show religion for what it is but the discovery of life in the other reaches of the Universe should be yet another body blow to religion on it's way to becoming something that future generations will look back on as a curiosity.


Keep Life Simple said...

What i think you got right is that science is disproving "religion". The Bible doesnt say God only created life on Earth. That is how various religions the Bible.

Keep Life Simple said... various religions interpreted the Bible.

Lucy said...

Does it say that he DID create life elsewhere?

Keep Life Simple said...

Not that I know of, but early in Genesis there is a reference to "us". Adam and Eve were forced out of Eden before they ate the fruit of life and become like "us". Or something like that.

Then there is the part where Cain and Abel took wives but no account of where the wives came from...