Monday, 20 October 2014

The Quo's Greatest Hits

Looking through my record collection i have a few Greatest Hits albums and i may have been tempted by the new Status Quo Greatest Hits album until they committed the ultimate music band sin that raises many peoples hackles, putting new material on the Greatest Hits.
I am sure they are proud of the new songs and spent many hours refining the lyrics and fine tuning the chord changes but is it really down to the bands themselves to tell us what are their greatest hits?
Considering they have been around since the 60s they don't have a shortage of songs they could fill a CD with and i'm sure Quo fans would much prefer a couple of the old songs to ones they don't know which should be on the next album and not shoehorned into a compilation of their very best.
Knowing how the music industry mindset works, i assume the point is to encourage fans that already own the previous albums to purchase the Greatest Hits one as well just for the new songs on it.
It seems incredibly arrogant to me to include new songs which if they really were that good would stand up on their own and make an appearance on the Status Quo Greatest Hits Vol. 2.
It's as much a rip off as the 'Live Album' idea that crops it's ugly head up every now and then but that's a moan for another day.

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