Sunday, 12 October 2014

Evo Morales Again

Anyone would be overshadowed by such an immense figure as Hugo Chavez, but Evo Morales has been quietly following the same left wing trail in Chile that Chavez blazed in continental neighbour Venezuela and is today up for his third election as President.  
Opinion polls suggest that Morales remains immensely popular and with a lead of more than 40% in the latest polls, his closest rival is facing an uphill struggle to stay with the current President.
When you look at his performance in power, you can see why Morales is so successful, tripling his country's gross domestic product since he took office in 2006, according to World Bank figures.
One of his first acts was to nationalise the oil, mines, gas and communications industry and used the new found wealth to introduce social programs to reduce the 60% poverty in Chile.
The introduction of old-age pensions, controlling the price of fuel, gas and subsiding the cost of the staple foodstuffs saw poverty reduced to 45% in 2011.
Literacy programs reduced illiteracy from 16% in 2006 to UNESCO declaring Bolivia free of illiteracy.
Morales calls his Government 'Communitarian Socialism' and his country has not got the spending power that Hugo Chavez used so successfully to turn around his country after decades of neglect, but Morales has been slowly turning things around by taking the wealth that previously went to fund company directors yachts and mansions and spending it on the people that he was voted into office to represent and that is why he is a stone cold certainty to be re-elected to office today and also the reason why the defenders of the creaking Capitalism system will continue to try and discredit him and his successful version of Socialism.

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