Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What Did Japan Do?

You do wonder just who Japan has upset as it is about to be battered by the 300 mile wide Super Typhoon Phanfone.
The Asian country has already borne the brunt of three typhoons this summer leaving a trail of dead and injured and 40 more were killed in landslides in August after heavy rain and a 5.6 earthquake rattled the country last month and recently the Volcanic Mount Ontake decided to join in and blow its top.
Just to make sure that Japan does not get any respite, the Typhoon Warning Centre is watching yet another mighty typhoon developing on a similar track as Phanfone which will announce it's arrival some time next weekend.
Mother nature is obviously mad at Japan for something, hopefully dumping all its radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean as it cleans up after the Fukashima incident but this is not a good time to visit Tokyo


Keep Life Simple said...

Very left of you to attribute human emotions to nature.


Keep Life Simple said...

Maybe the chinese are using climate models to control the weather and are getting retribution for the vicious invasion in early WW2.

You know, the left said W used weather control to divert hurricanes to new orleans to kill blacks...

Lucy said...

I didn't realise that was a left thing. Maybe it is a British thing, Mother Nature being angry is used quite a bit.

I know GWB took some flack for his slow response but didn't know he got blamed for diverting the hurricanes.