Saturday, 2 May 2015

Cheering For Manny

Early night for me because we are up at 4.20 am to watch what we hope will be Manny Pacquiao dismantling Floyd Mayweather although it is Mayweather that is expected to be the victor when the dust settles.
My problem with Mayweather is not just the arrogance he exhibits but the man is a serial woman abuser, arrested seven times for battering women for which he has been handed a pathetic total of a two month prison sentence, a suspended six-month jail sentence, a $3,000 fine, 48 hours of community service and two days of house arrest.
The reason the pathetic excuse is still boxing is because of the amount of money his fights generate for promoters, the sponsors, Las Vegas, betting shops and TV.
Mayweather has learned that he can get away with beating women because it costs him very little financially or to his reputation or his earning power.
For sure a profoundly foul example of humanity but as he is disgracefully still allowed to box in public, i hope Pacquiao hands him a world of hurt.
Maybe if Manny wears a dress, Mayweather might have a better chance of beating him.

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E-Wadda said...

I totally agree. Over the past year we have had a few NFL players charged with domestic violence (Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Adrian Person), and they have been excoriated by the press and public. Meanwhile, as you note, Floyd Mayweather has been a serial woman beater and nobody seems to care. I think a lot of the apathy about Mayweather has to do with the fact that his violent behavior goes along with his boxing persona as an all around bad person.

I won't be watching the fight because I refuse to pay money to someone like Mayweather, but I will be rooting for Manny.