Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tories Not Wasting Any Time

Throughout history right wing governments have not been good and tends to end up with bodies metaphorically and literally laying in the streets.
Think Hitler, George W Bush, Genghis Khan and you get the general idea of why right wingers should not be in charge of things but in our wisdom we have voted in a very right wing Conservative Party who have been freed from the shackles of a Liberal Democrat partner and boy are they making up for lost time.
Within a week of getting back into power, David Cameron has been sounding out the policies that his government will be forcing onto us, policies that they couldn't introduce as the Liberal Democrats refused to entertain when they shared power.
So far we have had had the scrapping of the Human Rights Act, a review of the BBC’s royal charter, the introduction of the snoopers charter with further monitoring of internet and phone communications, cut subsidies for wind farms and the reduction of the employment rights of workers and they haven't been back in power a week yet.    
Nick Clegg and his gang were made the fall guys of the last administration but we may be about to find out just how much of a brake they were on David Cameron who has another 4 years and 51 weeks to mould the country into his vision of a Conservative Party nation and they still haven't explained exactly where the £12 billion of welfare cuts will come from yet and then there is the EU referendum to negotiate.
It may be too late to ask Nick to come back but at least the nice people at the food banks will be kept busy for the next 5 years.


Keep Life Simple said...

So you are saying democracy does not work because you are not getting your way?


Falling on a bruise said...

I have always said democracy is over-stated because apart from a vote every 5 years, there is no accountability or a way to stop a Government doing just what it pleases.
They can make all the promises they want to get elected but once they are in...they are there for the duration.