Sunday, 8 November 2015

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2015

John Lewis's Christmas advert has become as much a part of the Festive season as tinsel, brussels sprouts and asking if your husband kept the receipt but this years offering seems to be coming in for some stick but i'm not sure why.
The previous high-water mark was the excellent bear and hare one in 2013 when the hare leaves the hibernating bear an alarm clock to wake him so he can join in the Christmas celebrations but after a few viewings i think this 'Man on the Moon' one tops even that one.
A young girl spots a lonely man on the moon gazing up at the Earth through her telescope. After waving to him but failing to attract his attention, she sends up a Christmas parcel containing another telescope, and a tear trickles down his cheek when he finds her waving up at him, lonely no more.
I know that ultimately adverts are all about selling us tat we don't want or need and one geeky astronomer missed the whole point by disputing the scientific accuracy of the advert, pointing out that the telescopes would need to be around 300m wide to see each others faces so clearly from such a distance.
This year’s ad, however, is designed to raise awareness for Age UK, with its strapline: 'Show someone they’re loved this Christmas' and that is a sentiment we should all be behind and isn't something John Lewis or any shop can sell.
I like the advert, it is aesthetically beautiful, comes with a sad sounding song and has a message and if wasn't for the John Lewis logo appearing on screen for the last two seconds, you wouldn't even know which shop it was advertising but if it offends you that much, you can always close your eyes for that bit.

All that said, if there was a man on the moon and i could contact him i would say 'Dear Man on the Moon, Stay where you are, we've made a right bloody mess of the place over here. Love Lucy.
P.S. Say hello to the Clangers for me.

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