Thursday, 26 November 2015

Science Could Save Us From Global Warming

Back in the 80s, just as the effects of Global Warming was reaching the consciousness of everyone, after scaring us with tales of rising sea levels and increased cancer rates, my science teacher made a claim that our fears will be allayed as 'Science will provide an answer'.     
I don't know what he is doing now but it turned out he got that wrong because science has come up empty handed and the march towards islands disappearing beneath the waves and long queues at the skin cancer hospital ward is almost upon us.
My own misguided belief was that trees would save us as they suck in the CO2 and give off Oxygen and all it would take was for us to realise it and stop tearing down rain forests and plant trees everywhere but again that proved fruitless as trees continued to come crashing down quicker than we can put them up.
A few years later i had a flash of inspiration while listening someone going on about to GM crops and i thought why could we not Genetically Modify trees that took in even more CO2 than standard trees so each 'new' tree would remove 10 times more Carbon Dioxide so we wouldn't need so many trees if 1 can do the job of 10, 10 the job of 100 or 100 the same as 1000.
As i have no idea how to splice a tree to perform it i have had to leave it to people who know about these things and the University of Calgary seem to have finally picked up my idea and although they haven't created Frankenstein trees, they have built a 20ft prototype tower with a fan that sucks air in the bottom, scrubs the CO2 from it and spits out the clean air out the top.
This device is a 1/90,000th scale test system and appears to be working although the cost to make a full scale system seems to be prohibitive. My solution would be to get the countries that have done most to poison the atmosphere stump up for it so it would be asking the likes of China, USA, Russia and India to put their hands in their pockets.
Not a GM tree as such as i envisioned when i was sporting a pony tail and smoking behind the bike sheds instead of learning Calculus but the same principle.
Maybe that Science teacher got it right and science will come through to save the day but i hope wherever he is and whatever he is doing, he has cut out the bad science jokes because there are only so many times you can hear 'I was reading a book about anti-Gravity and i couldn't put it down'.


Keep Life Simple said...

And Europe. Yawl filled the sky with coal fumes for hundreds of years. We inherited your naughty ways and it is not our fault because you abused us when we were a young nation.

And to think we saved your sorry ungrateful asses from the the Huns and Nazis.


Falling on a bruise said...

You would need to break down Europe down into its constituent countries and that would mean the worst offender is Russia and then Germany and the UK.

The Huns? I am sure Attila would have been quite shocked to have seen Americans turn up in 5th Century Europe so thank you for saving us 12 centuries before you came into being.