Tuesday, 17 November 2015


John Kerry is once again on this side of the Atlantic and he is bringing a message of hope after the horrors of Paris and the downed Russian plane in Egypt.
He believes a ceasefire between the Syrian government and rebels fighting to bring it down could be weeks away and then the guns of all sides can be thrown against Islamic State.
Saudi Arabia is to host a meeting of Syrian opposition figures in December, at which they are to agree on a delegation to send to talks with representatives from President Bashar al Assad's government.
The elephant in the room though was the sight of John Kerry's face and what has happened to it.
To be fair he was never a looker and the comparison with Lurch from the Adams Family was always harsh but fair but something seems to have gone very wrong.
It is rumoured that he is a keen recipient of botox injections and plastic surgery but someone needs to take him to one side and tell him he really should ease up a bit because it isn't doing him any favours in the looks department.
Great news that the Syrian conflict may be coming towards the end game though.

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