Friday, 20 November 2015

Charlie Sheen

Following his 'Tiger Blood' and 'DNA of an Adonis' breakdown in 2011, Charlie Sheen received some sympathy but as we know find out that the breakdown was caused by his diagnosis of HIV, and that he carried on having sex even after he found out, any sympathy has long left the building.
The actor says that he doesn’t know how he got the virus but says it is impossible that he infected anyone since, although many of his sexual partners refute his claim that he told them about his HIV status.
He seems particularly annoyed that someone betrayed his trust and was blackmailing which seems to show that he didn't reveal his illness out of some concern for his future partners or to draw attention and be an unfortunate spokesman for HIV sufferers but simply because he felt forced to make the announcement before someone else did it for him.
The best thing he could do is use his new platform to show how it is possible to live a full life with HIV although this will never remedy the fact that he had a killer disease and knowingly continued
to risk other people with the same fate for which he should be facing a prison cell.

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