Monday, 30 November 2015

I Say, The British Accent Is Sexiest

According to the Time Out Global Dating Survey, the Brits have the sexiest accent followed by Americans, Australians, Italians and Irish.
The South African and Scottish accents hurts my ears while i do struggle with the Australian accent, the lifting of the tone at the end of each sentence so everything sounds like a question grates with me.
I am assuming that as the survey was run by a dating agency the Australian accent came so high due to hordes of single Aussie men clicking the vote button in a vain attempt to make themselves more dateable. Didn't work obviously.
American accents depend on if they come from the top of the country or the South because the Southern USA accent just sounds like a mumble, i gave up on True Blood because i didn't know what the characters were saying half the time.
French may be the language of love but  if i had to choose i would plump for the Welsh and Irish accents as the sexiest. 
Canadian accents are very similar to the American pattern while New Zealand sounds just like Aussie.
The Middle East and East European accents sound harsh and shouty as does German while listening to a Scandinavian speak just makes me think of that Chef off the Muppet show.
The bottom line is if you want a potential partner to be transported into a world of warmth and comfort with a hint of spice and chocolate on a cool summer evenings breeze, adopt a British accent.
Not the Birmingham one obviously, there is nothing sexy about whispering sweet nothings sounding like Ozzy Osbourne.

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