Sunday, 16 October 2016

I Name This Ship...Erm, You Sure?

While nobody was looking the USA has got itself involved in the Yemeni War and rebels have been firing rockets at its destroyers hanging about menacingly in the Red Sea.
According to the American web site i was reading, none of the surface to air missiles found their targets but in the past week, three ships have been targeted, USS Mason, USS Nitze and USS Ponce. USS Ponce?
The rest of the article went on about the USA destroying radar sites and general tub thumping patriotic stuff but how any English person could carry on undistracted is beyond me, i couldn't.
The United States Navy does have an impressive array of ships at its disposal. Some are named after former Presidents such as USS Eisenhower, USS George Washington and USS Harry Truman.
With the dictionary definition of a ponce being either an effeminate man or a man who lives off a prostitute's earnings, who is USS Ponce named after?
Lyndon Johnson was a bit of as pervert according to some, as was Warren Harding who had a White House cupboard especially set aside for the visits of mistresses.
Bill Clinton must be up for consideration, what he got up to in the White House with the interns kept the dress and upholstery stain removal industry going for years but it was Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837, who would invite prostitutes to the White House’s Christmas balls.
So if USS Ponce is named after Andrew Jackson, which Prime Minister is the UK ship HMS Cockchafer named after?

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