Tuesday, 11 October 2016

It's The Economy Stupid

I have never really understood economics, that was one of the lessons at school where Benson & Hedges was more attractive to a teenager than Boom & Bust which is probably why the adventures of the pound over the last week has been a bit of a mystery to me.
While one person is holding his head in their hands and telling tales of woe as the pound slides, another is whooping and calling for rainbows for all as the FTSE hits a record high.
Not sure then if a weakening of sterling which is pushing the FTSE 100 to a record high is good or not and we are not getting any help from the economists on the television who seem divided on it themselves.
From what i can work out petrol prices will go up, as will shop items due to the increase in the price of importing goods and obviously a weak pound means less from the bureau de change for anyone off skiing this winter.
So if drivers, holidaymakers and shoppers are on the wrong side of the falling pound, who is on the right side?
Investors in stocks and shares are liking it as are exporters as British-made goods become cheaper abroad so it appears that as i am a driver who shops and is due to spend a week waking up in the Bavarian Alps at the end of November, i'm with the wailing head holders.

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