Sunday, 9 October 2016

Grabbing Him By His Little Hands

Robert De Nero has said that he would like to punch Donald Trump in the face and we can't stand by and watch such violence, so let's look the other way for a few minutes and let Mr De Nero launch the full Travis Bickle on the orange haired simpleton.
It's as though the Trumpster decided to join in the Presidential race as a means to push his business but somehow found himself the last man standing and is trying everything he can do to now make sure he doesn't actually win the thing.   
So we can now add sex-pest to the list of awful traits the Hitler reading Presidential hopeful suffers (as well as his smaller than average 'hands') after Donald Trump’s taped remarks about groping women and using his fame for sex and 'grabbing them by the pussy'.
I'm sure that his overworked public relation people are planning to take the 'very sorry and i wish I hadn’t said it and I’m not like that any more' line and try to tie it all in with Bill Clinton's sexual liaisons which he swore he never had before that blue dress made an appearance.
I guess at least it has taken the spotlight off Donald's non-payment of tax over the past two decades but if the Clinton team can't put away the fat pervert with all the ammunition the awful sex-fiend has handed to them over the past few weeks then they really should hand back any fees that have paid for their services.  
And to think all we had at the last UK election all David Cameron's opponents had to go on was him having sex with a pig, this is the pig trying to get his end away.
The problem is of course that as Trumpton implodes and makes himself look even more of an idiot than ever, the person who benefits and will then become President is Hillary Clinton, and she shouldn't be left in charge of a pencil case let alone a country.    
America, as they say over there, is screwed.

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