Sunday, 30 October 2016

Presidentail Race Tightening

Pollsters have had a bad time of it over recent years, they got the last election wildly wrong and they got the number of boneheaded Brexiters clogging up things massively wrong so not sure how much better the American pollsters are but some polls have the two presidential candidates neck and neck while others show Clinton is set to romp home.
With Hillary Clinton's email server once again under investigation from the FBI, headlines have suggested that Donald Trump is 'surging' in the polls and that the two are now 'neck-and-neck' in the race to become President.
The race is sure to tightening now Hillary and the FBI probe news has broken while the Trump makes hay while the spotlight shines on the already dodgy Clinton (the less dodgy one can you believe) but Trump's sexual assault on an array of women (14 and counting) is sure to have some effect on his votes.
Recent polls have also shown Clinton with an edge in a number of key swing states which is where the title will be won and lost but the race is tightening, but Hillary Clinton is still ahead at least for now but there is sure to be yet another twist before November 8, mainly because there are two such fallible characters in the running.

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