Monday, 3 October 2016

What Makes Trump A Great Businessman?

There is a sign taped to lamposts around my way for a £10 reward for anyone who finds a missing ginger cat. I think i may have found it although it seems to found employment as Donald Trump's hair so i don't think i will be receiving my tenner reward anytime soon.
Trump is such a laughing stock that there isn't much he can do or anyone left to insult to attract headlines but the latest revelation must have him holding his head in his tiny little hands and blubbing because it has arisen that he's spent the past 18 years dodging the taxes that most Americans are forced to pay.   
I have always wondered how a four times bankrupt who inherited his fortune can paint himself as a great businessman, that's like Bill Clinton taking the husband of the year award, but apparently that's Trumps angle and he is sticking with it.
Now he has to explain how deliberately dodging contributions to the coffers of the country he is  promising to make great again and he has started the repair job by explaining that it proves he knows the complex US tax laws better than anyone, so he is better placed than Clinton to fix them.
I'm not sure if that means he will fix them so he pays back 18 years worth of tax or just fix them so nobody else can do what he has been doing but i'm sure he will clear that up soon.
After alienating women, (fat pigs, dogs, slobs, disgusting animals), hispanics (criminals and rapists),
muslims (should be banned), blacks (if black lives matter, go back to Africa) war veterans (not a hero if you were captured) and now payers of tax, you do wonder just who is there left to cheer for him?

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