Saturday, 1 October 2016

Goodbye EU, Hello EU

Some people say that the British are arrogant but we don't see it that way, we just like to tell people what and how to do things as is splendidly on show with the Brexit negotiations with Theresa May and her merry gang of men and women telling the EU what we will and won't accept when we finally make that step away.
Problem is the EU are sticking to their guns and saying if you want access to our market, you have to pay and accept uncontrolled immigration which kind of sticks in the craw of the Brexiters who sold the nation the idea that if we leave the EU we won't have to accept uncontrolled immigration and we won't have to pay for it.   
They hold all the cards because the EU is the largest single market on the planet with over 500 million consumers and at present the UK exports about 44% of goods and services to other countries in the EU worth around £220 billion out of £510 billion total exports.
So when we say we will continue to send you our stuff but we don't want any of that immigration or paying for access lark, the EU just shrug and the potential for the UK economy tanking takes another leap forward.   
What is happening is the remaining 27 countries are looking what the UK sells and ready themselves to step into the market void that we leave while we scratch around looking for a pot to go wee wee in.
While the hitting of the fan is over two years away we can square our shoulders and tell Johny Foreigner what we want but as 2019 deadline draws nearer, and if the EU are standing by their red lines which they must to stop other countries following the UK out of Europe, the arrogance of our leaders may well turn into thoughts how to spin the fact that they will have to accept the EU terms and what they have actually achieved is taking us back into the exact same agreement that we left while removing us for the decision making meetings.

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