Monday, 26 September 2016

Kicking Brexit Down The Road

Not sure why but the Brexit leavers have become quite emboldened recently and a few have made comments about how the UK Economy hasn't tanked and how generally everything is rosy we did the right thing telling the EU where to get off.
The only snag in their argument is that we haven't left the EU yet and won't for at least another two years so maybe they should carry on hiding behind their sofa until at least 2019.
Within days of the vote leave the £350m a week we hand to the EU which will go the NHS claim was disowned and the EU have said we will not be able to access the common market without freedom of movement or paying our fees (approx £350m a week) so we will be paying the same and other citizens of EU members will still have unfettered access to UK jobs so not easy to see what a campaign based on not paying the EU and stopping citizens of other EU members unfettered access to UK jobs has to be proud about.   
But as Theresa May has said, Brexit is Brexit so out we go once the 6 step process is completed but we seem to be stuck on the first step, Vote to leave.
Step 2 is 'Invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty' which starts the countdown as we then have two years to complete the rest of the process:

step 3 Complete negotiations between UK and EU
step 4 At least 20 EU countries approve deal
step 5 European Parliament ratifies deal
step 6 Leave the EU

The talk is that Article 50 will be triggered in 2017 but no firm date has been given but as it has been kicked down the road already, it may be kicked a little further along the asphalt yet.


Nog said...

Is there some possibility that they'll just come up with some reason in 2017 to not leave at all? It seems like a lot of delay.

Falling on a bruise said...

My personal feeling is that they will keep on saying they will do it soon but as you say, continually come up with a reason to not do it yet.