Friday, 16 September 2016

USA Still Wrongly Backing Israel

If there is one country that needs less military assistance it's Israel but for whatever reason, America have seen it fit to up the amount of aid they give the country each year to $38 billion to spend on military hardware.
As most of it ends up in blowing up parts of Isreal's neighbour, it seems a bit crazy to give backing to one of the most shameful regimes on the planet but America have not been known for their wisdom when handing out military assistance, Al Queada and Islamic State will fire some American rifles in the air in celebration of that.   
Israel have kept a stranglehold on Palestine for over 65 years and swipe their land for themselves as they do it and all the time they are given financial support by America, they will keep on doing it which is why it is disheartening to hear that not only are they having money shoveled at them by the Obama administration, but the amount is going up.
Israel are more than happy with the status quo, they get to continue subjugating and oppressing their neighbours and America cover their backs and even pay for their weapons despite them being the ninth strongest in the world.
If America want to help bring peace to the Middle East, they need to stop handing over military assistance to Israel which will mean they can't continue to maintain their armed forces at the current rate and will force them to behave in a more responsible and less aggresive and murderous manner with their neighbours and there will be less images of Palestinians schools and hospitals in piles of rubble.

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