Saturday, 24 September 2016

Wiggins Looking Suspicious

The Russian cyber espionage group hacking the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) database has been roundly condemned for making public personal medical records and that is where WADA and the athletes seem determined to keep the focus because if you actually look at what the personal medical information is showing, it's very, very shady. 
I am of the opinion that the drugs that they are legally allowed to take to treat medical conditions are banned because they give the taker an unfair advantage so while they make treat the ailment, they still also give that advantage which is why they are banned in the first place.
One of Great Britain's greatest athletes, Bradley Wiggins, is now under suspicion and quite rightly because his details show that he received doses of triamcinolone for his asthma and allergies just before three major races, including the 2012 Tour de France which he won.
Now his former doctor has agreed that 'it doesn't look right' and that 'You do have to think it is kind of coincidental that a big dose of intramuscular long-acting corticosteroids would be needed at that exact time before the most important race of the season'.
Corticosteroids improve athletes performance by postponing fatigue, increasing recovery speed and was widely used illegally by cycling dopers as it is fast acting.
That Wiggins required them shortly before big event races is highly dubious and if he was Russian he would be hung from the highest tower but as he is British, go home, nothing to see here.

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