Wednesday, 21 September 2016

On It Goes In Syria

America say Russia are to blame for the breakdown of the ceasefire in Syria and it was Russian jets that bombed an aid convoy while Russia say nothing to do with them and it was a drone from the US-led coalition that entered the area where the attack had taken place just before it burst into flames and it is America and it's allies who must take the blame.
As both have such a poor reputation for lying, neither can or should be trusted to be telling the truth this time.
Today an air strike on a medical facility near Aleppo has killed five employees. 
As a consequence all aid convoys in Syria are currently suspended and once again two countries who have nothing to do with Syria squabble over 'accidental' civilian deaths.
The ceasefire was negotiated not between the warring parties on the ground but by two of their backers, the US and Russia who are both engaged in the conflict but in different ways and with their eyes on very different goals so it is hard to see the conflict ending anytime soon while innocent civilians are caught between the Russians and Syrian forces on one side, American and the rebels on the side with Islamic State bringing devastation wherever they can and Turkey attacking the same
side most adept at hunting down the IS fighters. 
All a massive mess whose roots go back to outsiders meddling for their own agendas.

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