Saturday, 24 September 2016

Corbyn Is Great, But Not Who Labour Need

The problem with Jeremy Corbyn is that he is very popular with Labour members but not with the voting public so while he may be storming to victory in the Labour leadership campaign, he is still 11 points behind the Conservative Government in the country, the largest gap since the 1930s.
The shame is i agree with almost everything Corbyn stands for but we know that our politics are not shared with the wider population and it is the wider population who vote parties into power.
What Labour have done therefore is elect a leader who has no real chance of winning the 2020 election, condemning us all to another five years of Conservative Government and more importantly a current Conservative Government who know that without the little worry of being removed, they can plough on with all the worst of the right wing ideology they possess.
The Labour MP's know this and worry for their own futures which is why they have attempted to remove him in a botched coup after 172 of them voted no-confidence in his leadership.    
It feels as though Labour members, mostly socialists who favour the many over the few, have voted for themselves and not for what's best for the Labour Party but i hope that i am wrong and Corbyn finds a way to win back the voters who left in their droves at the last election bit i fear Corbyn isn't the man Labour require and what the vote has done is given the Conservatives the green light to go about, or even increase, their right wing nastiness unchallenged and fearing being turfed out of office
in the forseeable future.

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