Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Never Again Until The Next Time

Following the toppling of Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi, former Prime Minister David Cameron told crowds in Benghazi's Tahrir Square that he would not allow Libya to turn into another Iraq and that they were: 'an example to the world as you threw off a dictator and chose freedom' and promised 'Your friends in Britain and France will stand with you as you build your democracy'.
Seeing as Libya turned into another Iraq and their friends Britain and France hightailed it out of there as if their backside was on fire, i think it is fair to say things did not turn out as hoped.
Now as David Cameron joins Tony Blair in the line of recent British leaders who helped wreck a country with military force before skipping away scot-free, The Foreign Affairs Committee have concluded a report on the military adventure that was based on inaccurate intelligence, grossly overstated the threat to civilians and led to the rise of Islamic State in North Africa.
So far so exactly what we did in Iraq with the dodgy intelligence, sexing up the evidence and filling the country with terrorists only without the occupation afterwards and the death of British military personnel which is why Cameron is not facing the same hounding that Blair currently receives everytime he pops his vile head above the parapet.
The shameful thing is that after every ill judged military adventure we say lessons have been learned only for the next group of Western leaders to do exactly the same thing again and off we go again.
With a new Prime Minister in Britain and a new leader soon to take charge in America, it is almost guaranteed that some other country will be the recipient of Western ordnance courtesy of yet more inaccurate intelligence and grossly overstated threats and nothing would have been learned whatsoever.

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