Saturday, 24 September 2016

Sticking It To Their Northern Neighbour

Ever before since George W Bush landed in the White House, America's star has been on the wane, Bush just tugged it down a bit faster and further and with the poor choice of who will be the next President, it could be about to land with an almighty thud and there will be a long line of countries waiting to stick the boot in once it does.
Countries like Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua who have been polishing their Doc Martins already and have taken the podium at the UN General Assembly and branded America: 'the biggest exporter of violence in the world'.
They raised the economic exploitation of countries in the Latin south, the history of causing unrest and regime change and how it was the biggest obstacle for Latin America to develop.
It then turned its guns on Israel and its long running oppression of its Palestinian neighbour and said that there will never be peace in the Middle East as Israel trades on their not being peace.
I'm sure America and Israel sat there pulling their 'so hurtful' faces but hard to deny any of the allegations the three Latin Americans leveled at them.
I am certain that worse will be on its way to Americans door once if as predicted Trump or Clinton sends it belly up.

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