Monday, 26 September 2016

We Have A Precedent For Removing Disliked Leaders

Six weeks to go and then we can find out if it is the racist xenophobe or the warmongering liar leading the country on the opposite side of the Atlantic.
The wise heads are saying Hillary to win comfortably but a small part of me wants Trump, just because he would be such a train wreck of a President that you want to see it happen just to see if it would be as awful as expected.
Nobody expects Trump to be handed the White House keys but nobody expected George W Bush to gain a second term after his debacle of a first term but American voters thought different so we should be prepared for the strangely orange one with the small hands to be taking his seat on Air Force One after November.
Of course a President Trump would not go down well with other leaders but luckily we have a precedent set by America ironically of what we can do when a country elects a leader we don't much care for.
We can take the Vladimir Putin's Russia and Iran routes and impose sanctions on America but as Americans seem to moan about the amount of things stamped with 'Made In China' on it, would seem a bit pointless.
Then we have the Saddam Hussein's Iraq route which includes making up things to allow us to invade and after destroying most of the cities and killing hundreds of thousands, shout 'Job Done' and skip away to allow the gangsters and terrorists to take over.  
While we are mulling that one over, how about the Syria and Ukraine route where we find a local protest group, heavily arm and give them financial backing while loudly supporting their cause for the removal of the President therefore stirring up a civil war and blaming the leader for causing for which he must be removed.
There is the Fidel Castro Cuba road to follow which is crudely just trying to assassinate him or the Nicaragua way where we just grab him and put him on trial for whatever we can think of.
Finally there is the Palestine way where we 'rent' another country to do the nasty business for us and give it billions of euros of 'aid' in return and veto any UN action against it.
Plenty of options to ponder over, almost all of which end up murdering large numbers of citizens but it never seemed to have stopped America previously and as Madeleine Albright once said when asked about the half a million dead Iraqi children due to American actions, we think it's worth it.  
I'm sure the ones that we don't accidentally murder will welcome us with open arms as we forcibly remove their leader, won't they?

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