Sunday, 16 October 2016

Trump: The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

If ever there was a gift to journalists that just keeps on giving then it is Donald Trump, a man who is so arrogant that he doesn't know when to stop digging.
His four bankruptcies hang a question mark over his boasts of his business acumen and his three divorces show his failings as a husband while his racist, xenophobic right wing views put him in league with some very shady characters and now as he has come out as a self confessed sex fiend and throw in the remarkably stupid hair, the man really hasn't got much going for him.
Now eight women so far have come forward claiming that the Republican nomination made unwanted sexual advances towards them ranging from rape, to groping and kissing and the small penis handed one has come out and said they are all liars and 'who is going to believe them?'
The obvious answer is everyone will because it is exactly what you boasted about doing a week ago when you made your 'pussy grabbing' comment.
It is almost guaranteed that more will come forward before the polling stations open in November so unless a video appears of Hillary Clinton microwaving kittens, it is a safe bet the next president will be addressed as Mrs but even she is a basket of flaws, lying through her back teeth at every opportunity being the chief one.
Nobody is coming out of this bruising campaign unscathed but Trump, it is assumed, will see his star plummet further because this dirt will rightly stick and bankruptcy number five could well be looming on the horizon as potential business partners put down the barge poles as who in their right mind will want to be allied to such an infamous sex pest?
If nothing else, journalists will be thanking the heavens that they have been provided with an abundance of stories for the next six weeks at least.  

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