Saturday, 12 November 2016

Europe Dealing With President Trump

Great fun watching the Europeans wring their hands over what to do about the man who will become President on 20th January 2017.
Overwhelmingly dismissed as a crank, they now face the prospect of having to work with him which should be a bit awkward seeing as they spent the last 12 months mocking him for everything from his stupid comb-over hair to his tiny 'hands' and racist views.
Like the audience at a Seinfeld gig, nobody is laughing now though because they cant just ignore him as they also can't insult him anymore so what to do.
One view is that he is American living in America and about to relax the already mind boggingly irresponsible gun laws so someone will get around to shooting him at some point but if he isn't one of the 30,000 killed each year by guns then the orange faced gimboid will still be knocking around grabbing women by the pussy.
Another train of thought is that he will get himself impeached and there is already some mentioning it only being a matter of time before he uses those tiny little bitty fingers to tweet something even more inappropriate then he has already which will see him before the Chief Justice of the United States.
Another theory is that Vladimir Putin will wrestle him into a coma or Islamic State will do the business but Putin won't want to remove him in case the replacement is a bit more savvy and Islamic State want the major recruitment Sergeant in situ when he starts the next war in the Middle East.
The CIA has a shady history so they may decide that the man with the nuclear codes is the last man they want with the nuclear codes and arrange an 'accident'.
The probable outcome is that they will treat him the same as the last American President who they gave a wide berth to, George W Bush, and just have minimum contact and tick the days off the calendar to 2021 when they hope the Earth is still functioning enough to repair whatever damage the right wing xenophobe wreaks.

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