Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What They Said About Trump Pre-Election

With the unexpected presidency of Donald Trump announced today, there would have been a small part of Texas where a cheer could be heard emanating from the house of George W Bush who probably can't believe his luck that America has voted someone who will ensure that he won't go down as the dumbest President of the 21st Century.
I'm sure we will spend between now and January when he gets his small hands on the White House keys picking over exactly how a self confessed sex pest got to be the face of America on the global stage but i am loving the back peddling the World leaders are now doing faced with the fact that they have to deal with him.

From a laughing stock to the man debating on the other side of the table, the British Government refused a request from the Trump campaign to visit Downing Street to bolster his image with a sniffy 'whatever day he wants to visit, the Prime Minister won't be available'. 
David Cameron at the time Prime Minister said that he was 'divisive, stupid and wrong' and if he ever came to the UK 'he’d unite us all against him'.
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Trump’s views were 'ill-informed' and 'utter nonsense, and the only reason he wouldn’t go to some parts of New York is 'the risk of meeting Donald Trump'.
The Saudi's tweeted that he was 'a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America' while the Mexicans, a regular recipient of Trump hostility called him a 'not very well informed man'.
The French said that Trump was ' dangerous' and 'stoking hatred' while the Danish Foreign Minister said that Trump 'changes opinions like the rest of us change underwear'.
The Ecuadorian President call him 'dumb' and 'basic', the Chinese chose to label him 'irrational' and the Australians called him 'a real problem for the United States'. 
Sweden said him becoming a world leader 'was not a very good idea' while the Irish went with 'unacceptable' and the Spanish said that a Trump Presidency would be 'damaging for the world in general', the Italians just went with calling him an 'extremist'.
The South Koreans believe that it will 'give rise to anti-American sentiment worldwide' and the
EU said that a President Trump was not 'in the interest of the west' but the Brazilians summed up most peoples views that 'the election of Trump would be a disaster'.
Thing is, we DO have President Trump for the next four years which should make for some very interesting meetings when he travels outside of America's borders although he will be assured of a warm welcome in Moscow if nowhere else.
It's just about to get very bumpy for the World but mostly for America and you do wonder if they actually realise what they have just done.


Anonymous said...

Yeah we elected a demon instead of Satan

Falling on a bruise said...

High stakes rock and hard place indeed. Hope the landing is not too hard for you.