Wednesday, 16 November 2016

White Poppies

November brings the annual poppy row but i say when it comes to sending out my thoughts, the military are down towards the bottom of my list which is why i opt for a white one which remembers the victims of war rather than the red one which remembers the combatants who died.
I do see more and more of the white poppies pinned to lapels each year and this November they sold in record numbers, exceeding all previous sales with over 110,000 white poppies sold in the UK.
As the poppy campaign becomes more militarised as it has been hijacked by the media, the white poppy is an attempt to stop the glorification or justification of our military which nowadays seems to exist to attack other people's countries.
Wearing a poppy used to be about WW1 & WW2. Now it seems to commemorate every war including the illegal ones in Iraq and Afghanistan and who can say that any war Britain has fought since 1945 has been justifiable?

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