Thursday, 17 November 2016

The West Moves Right

It seems a strange one that as the World becomes a harsher, more selfish place that it's population seems to be turning to the right, the very place where the owners of the most selfish genes reside.
First the UK votes to leave the EU, ignoring the financial consequences which are starting to trickle out as the realisation settles in that we will lose so much more than we gain from the deal and then America votes in Donald Trump, a four times bankrupt and man who wasn't trusted to run his own Twitter account but has been given the nod to run his country.  
In Germany, the left-wing Social Democratic party has fallen in the national polls, Fran├žois Hollande’s ratings in France hover at around 15%, while the Spanish Socialist Workers’ party has seen its support almost halve in less than a decade and the Greek social democratic party has fallen off a cliff edge. Even in Scandinavia, once-invincible parties of social democracy have been hit by increasingly disaffected voters.
In a time when Capitalism has failed so spectacularly and when we are still feeling the consequences of the 2008 meltdown, why are people turning to the right which is an advocate of all the failed practises that put us in the hole in the first place?
The Trump victory and failures of the European left has been put down to people wanting to try something different from career politicians and the only option they are presented with comes in the shape of the deeply flawed right, or extreme right in the case of Donald Trump.
In the UK, the right claimed victory following the Brexit vote as the left failed to answer the call that the EU was to blame for all our ills. People swallowed that lie and voted accordingly, dismissing the warnings of what will follow as scaremongering.
Globalisation is making the world a smaller place and it seems that individuals are pulling up the drawbridge to try and protect themselves and their families, trying to shield what they have and hoping things will go back to how they were in the previous halcyon days of a previous age.  
It won't happen because the World has changed and the foundations which the 20th Century were built upon are crumbling and the more radical we become, the quicker they will fall away and the greater the inequality will become.
It may take a while but the left need to be ready to step in because we are leaping into a souped up version of what we have had since 2008 where the rich got richer, the poor got poorer  and our political leaders try to tell us that a decade of austerity measure are for our own good. 
The more fairer and equal left is where we should be, the far harsher and inequal right is where we are finding ourselves but it won't last because at some point the people will wake up to the fact that the right is not there for the benefit of them but for their own benefit, as it always was but which seems to have been forgotten.

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