Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Old Glory Everywhere

Anyone who has been paying attention to the American election cannot fail to notice that those Americans do like a flag.
The star spangled banner is everywhere you look whether it is draped around audience members shoulders or behind Donald Trump as he parades his five children from three different wives on a stage to show what a family man he is.
I don't think i have ever known a nation so obsessed with their flag, even their national anthem is a song about it and they get very upset if one gets a match set to in a Middle Eastern marketplace.
So obsessed with the blue and red striped emblem that they even have a law which states Americans must turn towards the flag and remove their hats if someone starts warbling the National Anthem.
It is a very nice flag, colourful and cheerful and you can see many miniature versions of them being waved by enthusiastic supporters as they cheer on the candidates and it has been at the centre of many American iconic moments such as the moon landings but we see far less of the other symbols of America such as the bald eagle and Statue of Liberty.
The flag is a bastardised version of the Union Flag which used to fly proudly in the corner of the original version before they started putting stars there instead and throwing tea chests into their waterways.
It does seem strange for us less Flag fixated nations to see such admiration for the national ensign but then we can't understand how in a country of 350 million people, the lying Hillary Clinton and sexual deviant Donald Trump have ended up being the only two possibilities for the job of President.

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