Sunday, 6 November 2016

Google Predicts The 2016 USA Election

Right up until the British General Election last year, Google Trends had an excellent record in predicting the winner of the major International elections but then it went and gave a thumping win to Ed Miliband and the Labour Party only to see it decimated and the Conservative Party romp to victory.
The eve of the American General Election is a good time to see if Google Trends has rediscovered it's mojo in an election which many are saying is too close to call between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
It isn't really that close with Google Trends saying it will be the Clinton derriere in the Oval Office's big chair and disappointment for all American bricklayers in the vicinity of the USA/Mexico border.
The irony is with the two most unpopular candidates ever, if any other Republican was up against Hillary Clinton they would be measuring for curtains and ordering a removal van right about now and the same with any other Democrat up against Donald Trump.
In their wisdom they went with Don and Hill's so a third party candidate could benefit with voters refusing to hold their nose and vote for the least worst and instead risking a protest vote for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson who is on the ballot in 50 states or Jill Stein of the Greens in 45 states. 
Throwing that all into Google, out of the other side comes Hillary Clinton on 51, Donald Trump 42, Gary Johnson 4 and Jill Stein 2 so breathe easy, Trump with not have his little fingers anywhere near the red nuclear button but then take another sharp intake of breath because that means Hillary will.
Just a word of warning before anyone remortgages their house and throws it all at a bookie on the strength of Google.
Here in the UK we should be walking on golden pavements and erecting statues of Ed Miliband under a Labour Government as Google predicted but instead we are breaking up what's left of our furniture for the fire under a Conservative Government so be careful, it has got it very wrong before.


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