Wednesday, 2 November 2016

No Brexit Anytime Soon

The Brexiters are not quite so cock-a-hoop now that the Courts have decided that the Prime Minister can't just go blundering into Brexit without okaying it with the other Members of Parliament first, and considering most of them were remainers, seems the long grass is looking a little bit longer today.
As it stood, Theresa May wanted to spark Article 50 and kick the clock on the two year countdown but now she has to decide what we want and how we want it, ask the rest of the House of Commons if they also want it and get the nod from them before doing anything.
As a firm remainer who finds it hard to see how anyone would consider Britain removing itself from the largest single market on the planet can possibly be a good thing, i'm very relaxed with anything that keeps us with our European buddies even longer and if it gets kicked up the road for another day, then i'm very relaxed with that also.
I am sure that the Brexiters thought that we would be handing in our Euro card the morning after the referendum but the reality is that the two year space to untangle everything is optimistic and if we go too soon we will be coming out before anything else is put in place.       
In my mind we cannot afford to come out of the EU, the pound is already sinking and the talk is of another recession and that's with us just discussing Brexit, when (or if) we do come out of it properly we will be sharing space with the likes of Spain and Greece in the Economic league.
With another election on the cards to make sure that the Conservatives get the required amount of MP's who will side with the Government and be able to vote through whatever Theresa May decides she wants from Brexit, the storm the 51.8% of Brits who voted Leave started is set to continue blowing for some time yet but any delay to cutting off our nose to spite our face is only a good thing.

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