Friday, 10 March 2017

Brexit Consequences Becoming All Too Real

Former Irish Prime Minister, Bertie Ahern, has said that Ireland would never be 'mad enough' to leave EU and with Theresa May's end of March deadline to trigger the Brexit fast approaching, the implications are our ridiculous decision starting to hit home.
In the news has been the EU exit bill, as much as £60 billion, which the EU negotiators are saying would have to be settled as one of the first things in the Article 50 negotiations and before any talks about trade can take place.
Brexiteers are arguing that Britain should not pay which will make for interesting negotiations with a desperate Britain and the EU as the largest single market in the World and its 500 million potential customers.
As Britain's largest export market, we can't afford to upset the other 26 countries in the EU, especially as the trade contracts that the Brexit gang were confident would come flooding in from elsewhere don't seem to be landing on Britain's doormat quite liked they promised.
If Theresa May turned around and said leaving the EU would be far too detrimental to our economy and the whole Brexit thing should be binned she would face a backlash from the 52% who voted 'Out' but she won't be remembered by future generations as the Prime Minister who oversaw the self-inflicted economic death of Britain courtesy of the half of the population who were mad enough to vote to leave.

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