Wednesday, 1 March 2017

George W Bush Rehabilitation Obscene

There is a new King Kong film out this year but it was another big chimp everyone was looking at today as George W. Bush stuck his head above the parapet to stick it to Donald Trump over his self destructive behaviour over the American media.
The previous holder of the most vilified American President has said that the America media was 'indispensable to democracy' and that 'independent media was needed to hold people like him to account'.
Maybe his memory is not so good these days because it was exactly because the American media didn't hold him to account that he was able to get away with his outrageous claims that led directly to the carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan and continues to today.
Maybe the man who launched a blatantly illegal war based on lies Donald Trump himself would appreciate, thinks that enough time has passed and is set to try and rehabilitate his reputation which saw his dismissed as both a simpleton and a warmonger.
It was the lack of media scrutiny that helped Bush sell the news of Iraqi WMDs in 2002 so no surprise that he is defending them, if they had properly challenged the Bush administration on his WMD claims, then the Middle East would be less of the murderous basket case case that it is today.
George W Bush, along with his equally void of truth junior partner, Tony Blair, should be left to fester somewhere far away from the public because there is nothing that he can do or say which will wipe away the million dead Iraq men, women and children.
Someone should point out to him that up to now, he has got off scot-free for the war crimes they he committed and the lies he told to invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 or had Weapons of Mass Destruction so he should shut his lying mouth and sit down because any attempt to rehabilitate the reputation of the former warmongering President, as Blair if discovering, is obscene and his return to our TV screens and newspaper pages is far from welcome no matter what message he tries to relay.

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