Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Trump Postpones State Visit

It was fortunate that the visit of US President Donald Trump as only pencilled in for July because he has decided that he wants to come once 'things have calmed down' and the Queens diary now has 'Sex fiend coming to visit' written in it for October.
Downing Street has insisted it has not set a date but the US President and new best friend of Russia had been expected to travel to the UK for his controversial visit in however, he has been scared off by the widespread protests and has reportedly asked for a rain check.
The plan was to shuffle him up to the North to Scotland to avoid the inevitable protesters and an awkward non-appearance at the House of Commons after MP's savaged the new President.
Seems that we will have to wait until Autumn to say a big friendly British 'Howdy' to the man with the little but grabby hands, if he is still President then of course.

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