Friday, 10 March 2017

Trump Visit Pushed Back Again

The latest update on Donald Trump's visit to the UK so we can all throw things at the racist sex pest has been moved again which is certainly making things difficult for people who have already made up witty placards about him for the protest.
Now the visit has been shifted towards 'the end of the year' which is vague enough as is the places he will be allowed to go which currently stand as just Scotland.
The way things are going he will turn up at midnight at some time in November, have a whistle stop tour of Glasgow airport and be back on the plane to America before breakfast.
Although the Government can't come out and say it, the rumours are that they are hoping that he will be forced out by then so they won't have to deal with Putin's best buddy and avoid the whole debacle which would be a good bet the way he is going.
One leader who will be visiting though is King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain will stay at Buckingham Palace as part of a state visit in June and unless it turns out that he is also a vagina grabbing racist who mocks the disabled and is a pathological liar, the placards will have to stay at home for this one.

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