Friday, 10 March 2017

Right Wing Hopes Fading In French Elections

One thing the World could do without is a major World player delivering yet another right winger to the top seat and in France Marine Le Pen has slipped behind the former socialist Emmanuel Macron who is expected to win the first round in the election after picking up the voters fleeing Francois Fillon after his scandal with his wife and her fake Government job.
Fillon's campaign has been battered for weeks by allegations that he paid his wife Penelope hundreds of thousands of euros of public money to be his parliamentary assistant, but she actually did very little work if any.
The way the French election works is that after the first round of voting, the top two go forward in a straight head to head and Fillon and the Socialists Benoit Hamon are far behind Le Pen and Macron who are a shoe in to be the last two standing when the 7th May election takes place.
Another factor is the farce playing out in America where the right wing Donald Trump is making a monumental mess of everything and the France are too savvy to vote for an equally divisive and racist character themselves, or so the reasoning goes.

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