Friday, 10 March 2017

Chinese Respond In Kind

The Chinese have repsonded to the annual US State Department report on human rights practices in China by publishing their own one pointing out how America's human rights record isn't exactly glowing.
The American report highlighted China’s domestic policies, criticised Beijing for neglecting civil and political rights and stated that the government curtails freedoms in Hong Kong and Macau.
In reply, the Chinese report pointed out how the US presidential election was full of 'lies and farces' and was driven by 'power-for-money deals', had 'no guarantees of political rights' and was conducted amongst large-scale protests.
It then moved onto an easy target, Americas insane gun laws as proof of 'continued deterioration in some key aspects of its existent human rights' as well as worsening racial discrimination, illegal detentions at unofficial holding facilities, torture and coerced confessions of prisoners and the money dominated political parties.
It ended with a stinging rebuke for 'continuing to trample on human rights in other countries, causing tremendous civilian casualties in countries such as Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia'.
Glass houses and all that America, glass houses.

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Keep Life Simple said...

Every nation is doing all it can to justify what it wants to do. There is nothing new about what China is doing, or what America is doing. After all, we Americans learned it from the Brits...