Friday, 3 August 2018

90 Days Of Summer: Day 64

If i had a pound for everytime i have said it's too hot this summer then i could afford to hire an igloo at the North Pole until September but as nobody has been handing out quids to me, i have to stay here and suffer it with everyone else.
Just when we thought it was safe to go outside again, the sun decides to crank up the temperature and scorch us all as the heatwave is back and this time it's even bigger and better than before. 
Temperatures in Britain this weekend are expected to reach around 34°C and even Northern Finland have recorded temperatures of 32°C while parts of Spain and Portugal could potentially reach 50C according to experts and people are being warned to stay out of the sun.
PlayStation UK has been handing out tips on Twitter including wear sunscreen, drink lots of water and stay indoors and play video games in your underwear but that's what most gamers do anyway regardless of the weather outside.
My go-to solution is to sigh and mumble incoherently about being hot every couple of minutes but as yet this has not helped so i'm going for plan B which is to employ psychology and play some Christmas songs.
If an hour of listening to songs about snow and winter wonderlands doesn't work then my last ditch solution is to wait until my husband is holding a cold glass of water and then call him a rude name and hopes he throws it in my face.

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